Welcome to the MSE 5317 Term Paper site!

Each of you is required to create 2 pages. Your first page is due March 16. This page could be based entirely on material covered in class or on material that significantly extends a topic covered in class. Your second page is due at the end of the semester, and has to be based either on new material (relevant to the course) or on material that significantly extends a topic covered in class.

Follow these instructions in creating your pages:

  1. Use the "new page" item in the side panel to create a page; use a short name that adequately describes your topic.
  2. Create your page in the edit window (LaTeX commands will work for equations & bibliography; you can add links, to other websites, your own pages and other students' pages; images can also be included, but make sure the image sizes are small; the total disk space allocation for the entire class is 300 MB).
  3. End each of your pages with the following line "[[module Comments hide="true"]]" (without the outermost quotes); this will add a comments section to your page using which everyone can add comments concerning your page (and you can comment on others' work).
  4. After saving your page you will have the option of "tagging" your page to a keyword using the tag command in the bottom; use your userid (with lower case letters) to tag all the pages you create; all the tags (i.e., userids) will be listed in the left side panel using which it will be easy to navigate to your pages. MAKE SURE YOU TAG YOUR PAGES - THIS IS HOW I WILL BE ABLE TO LOCATE YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS.
  5. Please maintain a back up copy of all your activity and topic files separately.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to choose topics not already taken by another student. Make sure that you title and tag your topics ASAP so that you are assured to work on the topics of your choice. If there is any confusion with the theme of someone's topic, you can always discuss with that student and reach an agreement. Remember, this site is about collaboration and teamwork, as much as it is about creation of solid technical content.

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